Saturday, December 8, 2012

Family Fun

... with my Guinensee family that is!

Fatimata and her youngest daughter Nene
This picture was taken at the end of a long a difficult week for Fatimata, and the night before I left. I stayed at their house late into the night until another friend convinced me I really had to get some sleep before my long day of traveling. Miss them like crazy, cherish every moment we get to talk, and continue to pray for their salvation.
Mai Sambu & I  October 2012
 Mai is such a dear friend and I remain encouraged and hopeful for the work the God is doing in her life along with the amazing transformation I witnessed in her life and in the lives of those around her during my time in Catel. I pray for our Father to bless and keep her as she cares for her family and continues to speak into the lives of those around her.
May she rise up to be a God fearing leader of the women in Catel.

My boy Eva

Ana and Eliza having fun with Lia :)

Benson and Eva
So many great memories of these 2. Them sneaking food off the plate as I'm cooking it, bathing in our wash tubs, coming down to keep me company in the clinic on rainy days, finding them with huge chunks of out hot pink Santex (Antibacterial soap) mashed into their head after I told them they had to wash their hair every day to get rid of the fungus, them coming to jumbai on the veranda like adults, and of course my newest memory is all the stories I've been told about Eva telling his mother she can stay with the rice but he's going to America to see Terianne.
These two warmed my heart and I continue to pray for them.

"Little" Eliza, now so grown up, came along with
the other kiddos to say good-bye.

Sunday 28/10/12 - Children from Sunday School came to sing to me while I was waiting for a car to Senegal
When they all returned to the church Chad tried to encourage Eva to go, and even tried to carry him over, but Eva refused.
Then as we embarked on the public transport van, Eva suddenly plunged for the door and started yelling my Blanata name. How can a 4year old understand such a time? It broke my heart. I miss you little buddy.    <3

Fatimata, myself & Adramani
Not the best photo quality, but the 2 best friends ever. Better than I could have ever asked for!
Saying Goodbye was terribly difficult but God will carry out his plans and I continue to pray for them every day.
So thankful for all of the language, culture, and life lessons learned with both of them.
What a blessing