Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Mamanjan & I at his birthday festa
Something happened yesterday that would be pretty normal for an western family, but that most people thought was impossible. My best friend Mariama's little boy (Mamanjan) turned one year old!

This poor little guy has struggle with many health problems which, for a time, left him weak and frail. He was constantly sick, not only unable to gain weight, but constantly loosing, was signifigantly developmentally delayed. People often told his parents he would die and even some medical professionals accused them of neglecting him. His parents were heartbroken and discouraged with his state of health and his mother often couldn't eat or sleep well . Over the last 2 months Mamanjan has remained healthy, started gaining weight, and started making up ground developmentally. He has begun babbling, playing with toys, and can bear weight with a little support. His Mama has been able to gain a little weight and has replaced the big dark circles under her eyes with a gleam of hope and admiration for her son.
I am so thankful for our heavenly father who not only hears our prayers but who loves little Mamanjan more than I can imagine. I'm thankful that God already has an awesome plan for his life. Please continue to pray that God will speak to Mamanjan's parents (Mariama and Amadori) and that their spiritual eyes and ears will be opened as He works in their lives.

By the way, Mamanjan LOVED the brownies we took to his birthday party. I have a video of him eating them that is nothing short of Betty Crocker commercial material!

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