Sunday, March 4, 2012

Local Happenings in Catel

Construction Team From New Holland- mid February a team of guys from New Holland Mennonite came over for 2 weeks, along with Pastor Ron and his wife Judy. The guys were able to all but finish an additional school building for the primary school here in Catel. They were able not only to work on the school but also to teach some of their tricks of the trade to local guys in the village.
(pics of school construction soon to come!)

Other Visitors…
Medical Student from the University of Arizona- at the beginning of January a group fo 3 medical students arrived in Catel along with Dr. Pust, a returning physician from the University of Arizona. His group who was here last year conducted a community health survey. The group of student this year was able to use the information alst year to do productive CHE (community health) education with local villages  as well as, due to the additional staffing, allowed us to do outreach clinics in 5 other nearby villages.

Dr Pust and Lia doing a CHE lesson in LaLa

Team 1 from Tucson, AZ (Dr Pust and 3 Med students from the U of A)

YWAM- about 10 weeks ago a few of us headed up to Z-world, SENEGAL to take care of some logistical stuff. While there we ran into a YWAM team who was working with a local Talibi center. What a cool group of people! This team was comprised of young people from England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the US (sorry YWAM-ers if I forgot any!). Whenever we were up there we found fellowship and hospitality with them and we were ecstatic when they were able to come to Catel and share a message and fellowship meal with us a few Sunday’s ago. Last Sunday Pete, Derek & I were able to attend their church with them in Senegal and share a least meal together. Steph, Christine, Ben, Roland, and to all the rest of you, you were certainly a blessing to me, I wish you many blessings wherever God takes you, and look forward to seeing you all again sometime!

N obi Kriol (I understand Kriol)
So, this team being here was my first Go at translating. What an experience! Derek has picked up Kriol very quickly and has put a ton of work into assimilating loads of new words into his Kriol vocabulary and has been doing excellent work translating for the clinic and other team needs. However, this team being here has expanded our needs for translation and has been a cool experience. It’s the first time I’ve known enough of a foreign language to really be able to translate. Its encouraged me in that I’ve realized how much I’ve already learned, and yet has also renewed my enthusiasm to learn more Kriol so that I can be as fluent as possible before I leave. I would love to become fluent so that I could fully participate in the new women’s bible study in Catel, as well as provide womens’ health education which would be more culturally appropriate for me to provide. Most of all, there are so many times  I’d love to pray with people but am lacking the vocab. Please pray god continues to help me learn the language.

Women Only!
About 3 weeks ago we got a women’s bible study started. Sharon and I had been dreaming of this since before we came but were ill equip with language to do so. The longer we’re here and seeing the active role men have in the church and bible studies and so short, the more our passion grew to offer ways for the women to become involved as well.  Lia’s language skill and passion to teach the bible continue to be such a blessing. As we continue to learn language, Alyssa, Sharon & I plan to be able to partner with Lia to deliver bible studies and facilitate powerful discussions about how the can apply these bible lessons to their cultural context. Yesterday was the 3rd week and we had 12 women, of varying ages, present. Two of which were able to share with the group how God had answered their prayers this week. As a woman, I am elated to see God’s daughters praying, worshiping, and seeking him together. God is good!
(picture of women's bible study coming soon!)

In Other News…
Alyssa started giving Mamadu, a young man and leader of the church, piano lessons. He’s already a gifted teacher with the children and often lead’s children’s worship before church. Alyssa is a gifted teacher and Mamadu is doing very well!

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